Telephone Appointments & Drop in Service Available

Telephone Appointments with a Tax Accountant

Have your Tax Return Appointment by PHONE!

If you work remotely or can’t make into our office, a phone appointment may be a more suitable option for you.

Your phone appointment will be conducted in a similar fashion to a face-to-face appointment and your Tax Return can usually be prepared during the appointment and emailed to you for checking and signing. If the accountant requires any further information you can send it to us by email.

Once we have received your signed tax return we can lodge it for you.

Please call the office on 4385 3030 to arrange a suitable date and time for your appointment.

DROP IN Services

Super convenient and generally the quickest way to have your Tax Return processed!

Our DROP IN service allows you to drop your documentation into our office and either come back in to sign when your tax return is ready or it can be emailed to you for signing.

Upon receiving your signed tax return back to our office we can then lodge it for you.

Please ensure when dropping your documentation in that you provide a contact telephone number and an email address should our Tax Accountant need to contact you with any questions.

Be Prepare for your Telephone Appointment / Ensure you have all of the required documentation together to drop off.

To make the most out of your Telephone Appointment or our DROP IN Services, make sure you have the required information available for your Tax Accountant to ensure you’re maximising your tax return.

When compiling your information for your Tax Accountant, remember to abide by the ATO’s rules for deductions to be valid:

  • Your claim must be an eligible work-related expense
  • You must have already incurred the expense
  • You must have evidence to back up your claim

Your Tax Accountant may ask to see your receipts, tax invoices, and other supporting documents when making your claims. It’s crucial to keep in mind that they can only claim what you can prove. So it’s best to be on top of your receipts if you want to maximise your tax refund.

To make this easy for you, we’ve compiled a list of items to prepare before your appointment. Click here for our Tax Checklist to make sure you have all of your supporting documents.

Remember, your Walters Accountant’s fees are 100% tax deductible!  Please be aware that payment is required prior to your Tax Return being lodged. If you are not able to pay upfront you can opt to have your fees taken out of your tax refund.  

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